You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone: Tips for Maintaining Your Breaks

Obviously, breaks are one of the most important parts of a semi truck. But, they often go unnoticed. Follow these tips to give your breaks some love and ensure that you will be able to stop quickly and efficiently.

Replace Break Pads: Break pads should be replaced a lot more than you think. When you replace them, make sure you also replace the springs, pins, and bushing for your breaks. These parts all work together and often ware down the same way.

Grease Slack Adjusters: Slack adjusters keep the brakes in alignment. Your truck will either have manual or automatic slack adjusters, but both need to be greased to work. Go for a nice lithium grease when you are greasing your slack adjusters to prevent seizing.

Grease S Cams: S Cams push the break into the wheel to stop the truck. These do not have to be replaced as often as break pads, but they should be checked and greased regularly.

Check Air Compression Pressure Gauge: Your gauge should read greater than 60 psi. Check to make sure your gauge is set appropriately before you drive your truck. Ideally, your psi should be between 100 and 125. If it drops below 60 psi, you should not use your truck.

Check Linings and Hoses: Linings should not be soaked with lubricants and should be at least 1/4 of an inch thick. Air hoses must not have cracks or appear worn. If your truck has damaged lining or hoses, you should replace them regularly.