Healthy Truck Stop Snacks

When you’re on-the-go, it can be easy to grab a bag of chips and a Coca-Cola for a quick snack at a truck stop. Since trucking is a relatively sedentary lifestyle, eating well is very important to keeping yourself healthy and in-shape. Here are some examples of easy, on-the-go snacks you can find at most truck stops that are still healthy.

  • Trail Mix – This high-energy snack mix is the perfect thing to keep with you for when hunger strikes; scoop 1/4-cup portions into bags to keep from over-snacking.
  • Greek yogurt – High in protein, probiotics, and potassium, there are no downsides with this quick and easy choice. If you don’t like the flavor of plain Greek yogurt, they make a multitude of flavors and options with tasty mix-ins!
  • String Cheese – Satisfies that craving for something cheesy without all of the extra fats. Also, high in protein so will help you to feel full.
  • Healthy Popcorn – With the trend of healthy popcorns now-a-days, it’s relatively easy to find “skinny” popcorns that are low in butter and salt that are still super yummy! Most brands offer a variety of flavors as well.