Bad Weather Conditions Truckers Face

Truck driving is one of the world’s toughest jobs. Add in bad weather and it becomes extremely dangerous. Here are some of the worst weather conditions truckers face on the job.

Extreme Heat

High temperatures can make driving a semi-truck nearly unbearable. Extreme heat can cause semis to overheat, leaving truckers and their wares without any protection from the scorching weather outside. It can cause even more trouble for those truckers who drive refrigerated trucks or transport food or animals – without a functioning cooling system, their wares can be in critical danger in a matter of minutes.


Snow is extremely dangerous for truckers to drive in. Controlling an 18-wheeler is already challenging, but add in less than perfect road conditions and you have a potential recipe for disaster. Even the most experienced of drivers have issues traveling in the snow for this reason. Not only does it make road conditions bad, but heavy snow can also impair a driver’s vision.


Ice and snow go hand in hand, a lot of the time. However, there are special occasions where ice takes hold without snow to follow. Ice drastically reduces the control a semi-truck driver has of their vehicle, creating a scary experience for all involved. This adds time to a trucker’s delivery and also makes their job much less safe.

High Winds

High winds are a threat to all truckers, regardless of where they are. Wind can make it difficult for truck drivers to navigate, pushing their trucks off of the road. If a trucker does not have a heavy load in his semi, it can also push the trailer over entirely, costing them time and money.